What is Linkcious?
Linkcious is a web widget to help e-commerce merchants pick out their products contextually and show them on web sites by pasting a few lines of code.

What do you mean by Linkcious is under beta?
It means we are not ready for public use yet as we are still tweaking and testing some stuff. However, if you can’t wait or just want to be one of our beta testers, sign to help us test the product.


Sounds great, but I heard that Linkcious is great for a blog or news site to show related links too. Is it true?
Yup. You can read all about it here: Lincious is also the Facebook Recommendation Box on Steroids


What! You mean if I run a Paypal Shopping Cart store and I want to show related products on my site I can finally do it easily? 


What if I want to show related products from my (Shopify / Magento / whatever) ecommerce store on my friend’s (wordpress /blogspot / whatever) blog ?
Yep. Our widget will bring up relevant products from your store depending on the content on your friend’s page. The related product will even wary page by page contextually.


Linkcious recommend category pages as well, I don’t want to show category pages!
Sure. Use or exclude tag <!- – <linkcious accept=’false’ /> – -> to kick out pages you don’t want to appear.


I want to do it the other way. I only want to include the single pages, do you have anything for that?
Sure. Check under the ‘Add Domain’ section and you will have the option to exclude everything except that those that has the <!– <linkcious accept=’true’ /> –> tag inserted.