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Linkcious is the Best Related Products Widget

We focus all our energy on helping you increase targeted traffic on your online shop. That means you make more money.


Linkcious is a product recommendation engine that allows e-commerce stores to automatically recommend related products on their product pages much like Amazon’s product recommendation engine.Unlike other systems, Linkcious uses artificial intelligence to select related products to show.

The Linkcious AI reads contextual information, clickthrough data and social interactions to increate conversion rates. Users report conversion rates improvement of up to 50%.

For an E-commerce store, your page views, impressions and  conversions will skyrocket! Ka-ching.



Drive Traffic From Other Websites to Your Ecommerce Shop

Place your Linkcious code to the site you want to advertise on instead and watch Linkcious pick out the highest performing products for each page. You can place Linkcious on WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr, Blogspot, everywhere. Linkcious even works well with Google DFP.

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– Team Linkcious