• Related Products

    Linkcious is an awesome product recommendation engine that helps you show your products like the related products on Amazon.
  • Works On External Sites

    Automatically generate "Amazon-like" related products from your e-commerce store and show them on other sites too!
  • Simple to Install

    Just stick some code onto the pages where you want Linkcious Links to appear and voila!
  • Facebook


    Adds relavant product links within your own site or on other sites.

  • Google

    Social Elements

    Related product links shows optional social elements under each recommended link.

  • clickthrough


    Proven to increase page views and conversions on ecommerce sites.

    "This is by far the best way to show related products from your e-commerce store on someone else's blog." - Calvin L (Linkcious Quarterback)

    "We select products to show base on on a mountain of information; such as contextual relevence, clicks, impressions and social interactions of your links." - Jason T (Linkcious CTO)