• Related Products Everywhere

    An awesome product recommendation engine that uses machine learning to help merchants show related products like Amazon's related products.
  • Get Traffic From Your Blog

    Automatically generate suitable product recommendations from your store and show them on your blog too! Works with Wordpress, Blogspot, Drupal etc...
  • Simple to Install

    Just stick some code onto the pages where you want Linkcious Links to appear and voila!
  • Facebook


    Adds relavant product links within your own site or on other sites.

  • Google

    Social Elements

    Related product links shows optional social elements under each recommended link.

  • clickthrough


    Proven to increase page views and conversions on ecommerce sites.


    "We want to help small ecommerce merchants intuitively match related products on their shop and blogs." - Calvin L (Linkcious Quarterback)

    "We select products to show base on on a mountain of information; such as contextual relevence, clicks, impressions and social interactions of your links." - Jason T (Linkcious CTO)

Customer's Testimonials

Fantastic App. The best on the Shopify app store.

Great app and very smart to link relative products together!

Easy to install, seamlessly integrates with site theme

Very easy to use and works beautifully.